March Watercolor with June Musick

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March Watercolor with June Musick


March 20th-March 24th / 5 class days

5:00pm - 7:00pm

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LHUCA Graffiti Building
Corner of 5th and Ave J

2 hours
5 class days

March 20, 21, 22 ,23, & 24

Information in this syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor.


Set of Watercolor Paints whole or Half Pans (colors will vary greatly depending on the amount you spend on your paint) choose on set that says it is professional paints. They come in a variety of prices. Varsity Book Store carries several brands and tubes to make your own paint palette Watercolor paper (must be 140 Lb cold pressed) arches, canson, union square, strathermoore 11x14 maximum size of pad


Brush synthetic brushes. Can be any brand as long as it states on the package that it can be used for watercolor.

ONE...12 or 14 sizes round ONE... # 1 size one flat

(I like Princeton or the mimic brand for price and quality) Pencil and eraser

Roll of 1⁄2 inch masking tape

Roll of paper towels T-shirt type rag

A bar of soap

Very small spray bottle for water and water container  up to a quart in size

Course Description: 

Watercolors are not as hard as they say! They are incredibly versatile. The perfect traveling paint! This class will show you the fundamentals and the root Basics of watercolor. How to choose your paint and your paper All the differences in the paint and the paper. How to mix color, know your HUES, and what brush makes what stroke. The success of a painting could be dependent on the tool you use! You will learn composition and design basics.

Course Format: 

This class is a free agent and your creativity will not be smothered! It will show you the how to’s But you will do the creating.

Choosing the right equipment Use of brushes


Demonstrations and Discussions

For this course, you will need a working email address and phone to receive TEXTS If you do not have an email account, you can get one for free at or or a Gmail through Google