Alan Disparte

August 2 – September 28, 2019
Martin McDonald Gallery

The study that explains how people treat their space and other people in their proximity.

Alan Disparte is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Austin, Texas. Through a filter of gestural and psychedelic abstraction, Disparte's practice offers a hyperbolic mix of references to memory, gender, activism, body aesthetics, nature, culture and time distortion. Disparte received his MFA in Painting and Video from San Francisco Art Institute in 2007. He has a BFA in Applied Arts from California Polytechnic University. Disparte has exhibited in Austin, Portland, San Francisco, La Jolla, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Phoenix and London. 

Many people think of their personal space as the air between their body and an invisible shield or bubble, which they have formed around themselves as they navigate through their daily lives. My interest is to highlight what might otherwise be this invisible shield, represented as a cubicle. Similar to people, each cube is individually unique but shares a common physical exterior. Through each composition, there is a way to enter the central parts of a box—this pathway and internal space are what I consider to be "Intimacy.” 

My hope is to capture the complexity of our relationship to self, one another, and the world through layers of our own perceptions and personal presentations.

 Alan was 1st Place winner of LHUCA’s  2018 Contemporary Portrait: A National Juried Exhibition