Rosa Villoslada
Unknown Faces

January 5 – February 17, 2018
Martin McDonald Gallery

The Unknown Faces project is an act of solidarity to farm workers focusing on the female subject, it has the intention to disseminate love and humanization to the immigrant that spends day after day on the fields growing our food and therefore hopefully can help to reduce the indifference in our society towards this dedicated hardworking people as they are mothers, sisters, and in some cases the only support to their families.

Artist Statement

I am a capturer of those moments, situations, events and more, that will make a difference in our reality in this world.

As a photographer is my intention is to aware people of the different realities that we create in daily bases of life.

I am a witness of circumstances and in an act and process of learning myself, I am sharing and educating others.

Living in Washington State in 2015, I spend one year documenting women farm workers in Yakima Valley, I followed them in all different task and jobs, different times and weather. These particular photos are about the hops from the seeds planted to harvesting from April to August. Women are the main workers in the valley, they spend long days in the fields in hot and cold weather, most of them are migrants, mothers, sisters, and fathers for their kids.

My photography is an act of solidarity to my own generation, to the society, to stop creating indifference, and disseminate love and humanization for our future generations.

Thank you.