Diane Doty

“Synaptic Misfire and Migration”

May 5 - July 1, 2017
Martin McDonald Gallery

Artist’s Statement
My artwork is a combination of drawing and painting. Trained in both the traditional and experimental methods of drawing and painting, I find the line between areas in art is often thin and vague.  As our world becomes more connected through technology and communication our academics also become more intertwined. Ornithology has been one of the driving forces behind my work for many years. I combine my love of birds and the natural world with my personal narratives and social agendas.

I often utilize an isolation of figure(s) for visual interest and emphasis of idea. This I believe is a direct result of growing up on the Llano Estacado where the sky is a celebrated and enveloping force in everyday life for many. It is also tightly connected to the practice of meditation and belief in the importance of clarity of mind and body.

My process involves a lengthy layering of paint and medium to create the ground for the images. I often use a large image or grouping of subject matter in connection with areas of smaller more delicate drawings. This serves to create a juxtaposition of ideas and to draw the viewer in and extend the involvement. I firmly believe that good art is an experience and requires effort and time spent on the part of the viewer. Activities like creating artwork, writing, birding, hiking and meditation can alter the way in which we see the world and shape our ideas about daily life and current events. This series combines drawing and painting on wood panels or canvas and focuses on the connection between the natural world as defined by society and our daily existence within the confines of society, domesticity and power.