“Walking the Peripheral: Texas Tech University Sculpture Exhibition”

October 6, 2017



We invite you to enter this space inhabited by a series of sculptural works; each meant to confide stories of time, space, feeling, & place. This collection presented by the Sculpture Students of Texas Tech University is meant to arouse curiosity and contemplation.

The artwork presented is evidence of individual practices, shown together to form a larger conversation about contemporary sculpture today. Walk with us as we consider what often goes unsaid.



Billie Parsons

John Ryan Gallegos

Josh Welch

Amy Kim

Chiseum Dent

Nate Collins

Liv Monique Johnson

John Gueltzau

Kyla Culbertson

Jami White

Tyler de la Plaine

Nathalie Lawrence

Jeramiah Macha

Maty Yeppez

Dulce Villanueva

David Deeds

Zach Morriss

Robert Wedepohl