No Where House: Texas Tech University Sculpture Students

November 4, 2016
LHUCA Warehouses


You will enter a warehouse inhabited by a series of sculptures, each meant to confide stories of time, space, feeling, & place. This collection presented by the Sculpture Students of Texas Tech University is meant to evoke curiosity and contemplation. Each artist's contribution is meant to be interpreted as an individual work.  Join us as we consider that which usually goes unsaid.

From installation and electronic works to more traditional forms, the artwork displayed is evidence of individual practices coming together to form a larger conversation about contemporary sculpture today.”

Artists: David Deeds, John Ryan Gallegos, Liv Johnson, Nicolle LaMere, Nathalie Lawrence, Zachary Morris, Billie Parsons, Raha Shojaei, Dulce Villanueva, Noah Wakefield, Robert Wedepohl, Matthew Wright, Ben Wortham, Maty Yeppez, Mac Zarogoza