Noah Wakefield


May 5, 2017



Artist Statement:

I have a relationship with steel that has developed over time as a student of its mysteries. My chosen medium is capable of conveying an unspoken language that is somewhat universal mostly because of its familiarity in our everyday lives. It is a material used in the construction of roads and buildings while having a prosperous history of advancing empires and carrying societies to war. These sculptures are made entirely of salvaged steel, each with a previous life or history. While making, I consider the former purpose, location, or interaction with the people of past generations. The surfaces show the evidence of an external process of formation whether through previous corrosion left untreated or the initial heating and burning of former protective coatings. While not completely independent from visual references to the human body, I want the viewer to recognize the personality and presence of each sculpture.  The work is intended to engage with the viewer by initiating thoughts regarding past ideas, relationships, stress, and shared emotion.