Tina Fuentes
“Nubes tan negras”

November 3 – December 30, 2017

John F. Lott Gallery


Looking with fascination at the dark clouds that carry a sensational beauty with conspicuous energies which begin with whispers of the bellowing forms and tormenting weather that lays ahead.

Artist statement:
Over the years, my works have embraced and integrated illusions of space inspired by land/space that exists here in the Plains of Eastern New Mexico and West Texas.  These artistic engagements with issues of geographical/atmospheric phenomena have led to a broadening interest in the vastness of the arid spaces of the desert corridor that extends beyond the boundaries of these lands.  These explorations have taken me to the Mexican Chihuahua Desert, the Sierra Madre Occidental and Sonora Desert in the Tucson, Arizona region.  Taking my drawing tools, camera and movie projector to these locations to document vast spaces enabled me to return to my studio with ideas and images that have filtered into the visual interpretations. As I continue this discourse, I draw upon the dynamics one may encounter in these aerial landscapes. Thunderous clouds that one can feel a reverence for, a natural force that can mesmerize and bring forth trepidations all at the same time.  Nature, a beautiful energy, can also be a diabolical force.

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