Hills Snyder: Altered States (Part Two)

July 7 – August 26, 2017

John F. Lott Gallery


If a water tank with the name of a town on it can be called monumental; if the discarded objects that tend to pile up along the margin of human habitats can be called peripheral; if the monumental and the peripheral can be considered of equal importance; if the landscape that supports this evidence of human occupation can be called sublime; if the attempt by an artist to travel a purposeful line in order to make random discoveries can be called time well spent; then Altered States, held together by a wedge (keystone) inserted between imagination and reality, offers happiness to the lost and opportunity to the reclusive. Consider this a promise, or at least a chance to get out of the house.

Altered States is an ongoing series of interconnected exhibitions of several dozen drawings based on travels to Nowhere, OK; Happy, TX; Bonanza, CO; Lost Springs, WY; Keystone, SD; Recluse, WY; Opportunity, MT; Diamondville, WY; Eden, UT; Eureka, NV; Bummerville, CA; Nothing, AZ; Truth or Consequences, NM; Eldorado, TX; and points in between.

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