Josué Galvan

April 7 - May 27, 2017
John F. Lott Gallery

A Brown Crayon Experiment: Perdido y Encontrado (Lost & Found)



The Hometown Boy

“It takes a long time to be young” –Pablo Picasso. For a long time I wanted to be somebody else, something else, and I would strive towards that. I was lost along the way and I had forgotten who I was... I found me. I was the kid beside you in class growing up you would ask to draw you something and I would! Now I feel like I’m back to being that same kid, I just grew’d up.

Artist Statement

Anybody can do what I do and I do believe every person starts out as an artist as a child.  I believe creativity comes from within and should come with ease. Each work of art is but an experiment to me. I make artwork you can hang but I also make artwork you can wear. I never really took art seriously till the spring of 2012. That was the year I took painting with the late Ippy Greer. He suggested I start experimenting with cardboard and other mixed media. I also enjoyed looking through his art books, especially the ones about Picasso. I’ve been creating since and haven’t looked back. It’s what I want to do, it’s all I see myself doing por vida. I have fun doing so, and I think when you are sure of what you want to do you should do it, of course. It almost feels like this is what I am supposed to do. I use to have hoop dreams now I slap paint. The materials I use are things I’m familiar with because of doing construction work with my dad such as: wood scraps, house paint, cardboard, and tape, lots of tape. I also often like to include crayon, charcoal, chalk, collage images, and found objects. I am very taken with prehistoric art as well as early modernism and contemporary pieces. I want to thank my family, mom, dad, and my brothers for being my best influence and for their support. My friends in “Active Arts”, the faculty down at South Plains College in the fine art building have my thanks for the support they provided.