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Art Lectures with Dr. Conrad: Wayne Thiebaud


Wayne Thiebaud (born November 15, 1920)

Best known for his images of food, Wayne Thiebaud’s paintings usually focused on single objects often found in everyday life. While the majority of American Pop artists came from New York, Thiebaud worked primarily in California, creating art that stands apart from the other artists of his time. In his later career Thiebaud would expand to include a diversity of subject matters, including landscapes and portraiture, all created in his unique style. Join us as we examine the work Thiebaud and compare it to that of other Pop artists from the same period.

Saturday Lectures at LHUCA is an informal conversation over the life and work of contemporary artists. It’s a stress-free opportunity to examine the art and ideas that underlie much of the modern art world. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and join the conversation.

This event is free to the public.

Join us for coffee and donuts!

Brought to you by LHUCA and the Helen DeVitt Jones Education Endowment

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