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Robert Ellis Patterson Student Art Award


Hope Sherman
Winner of the 4th Annual
Robert Ellis Patterson Student Art Award

“I have had a passion for the arts, especially character design and animation, since I was a tiny elementary school student. During my middle school days, I was heavily involved with mural art (I even designed and worked on the Buddy Holly and The Beatles mural right outside the Ice House!) but my desire to work in animation grew. When I don’t have mountains of homework, I design characters and worlds to incorporate in my work as well as to diversify my skills.

I also enjoy playing video games and Dungeons and Dragons, which definitely influences my work. One of my biggest inspirations is the manga artist, Junji Ito, and he inspires me to create pieces that would make people feel something besides “oh that’s neat”.

I am currently a 3rd year animation student at the Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center and I plan to attend the University of Texas at Dallas in the fall of 2019 majoring in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication with Animation.”

About the award:
Robert began his passion for the arts, both visual and performing, during his school years in Lubbock. Later, as a gallery owner and curator, he encouraged and promoted young and emerging artists. In memory of Robert Ellis Patterson, his friends and family have created this award to celebrate his life, love of the arts, and passion for helping young artists.