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Julie Speed: Gallery Talk

The Thorn Sisters 

The Thorn Sisters 

Julie Speed is a painter, sculptor, collage artist, and printmaker who has been exhibiting for more than thirty years.

In her series “Undertoad,” Julie continues her unique art of storytelling through images that range in culture from archaic copies of Gray’s Anatomy to nineteenth-century Japanese woodblock prints on Mulberry wood paper. She then continues to work the images using gouache, an opaque watercolor paint, to add new elements and also repair the collaged images that might be damaged. Julie’s mastery of the materials makes the pieces of work effortlessly fit together, with the distinction between the two materials used being almost unrecognizable.  

She chooses to use found elements as they are, with little manipulation. 

“The rules to my game are that I’m not allowed to take apart any good books, use any internet-sourced material or my scanner and printer to blow anything up or down, so I buy what I can find at flea markets, eBay, and junk stores. Sometimes I find things while I’m out walking.” 

Julie works out of a studio in Marfa, Texas.

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