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The Life and Art of Thomas Hart Benton with Christian Conrad

Thomas Hart Benton (1889-1975): One of this country’s best known Muralists, Thomas Hart Benton created images that spoke directly to an American audience. His work focused on images of the Midwest, showing scenes of rural farmers and small-town life. Associated with the Regionalism art period, Benton created images in his own style, full of figures and narratives that swirl into one another. Dedicated to showing the truth of situations, Benton’s art was controversial for the depiction of some images. In addition to creating his own vivid paintings, Benton was responsible for teaching many of America’s premiere artists.

Saturday Lectures at LHUCA is an informal conversation over the life and work of contemporary artists. It’s a stress-free opportunity to examine the art and ideas that underlie much of the modern art world. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and join the conversation.

This event is free to the public.

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