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Second Chance Tomatoes: Plant Now for a Late Season Harvest


One of the gifts of living in West Texas is our long, sunny growing season. So if you missed planting tomatoes in May, you still have time to harvest a bountiful crop before frost in November. Come and learn planting tips from local expert, Des Dunn.

Find out what varieties work well in this area, soil amendments to use and diseases and pests to watch for. Along with that, learn an age old watering technique using Ollas.

Des Dunn grew up gardening with her mother here in Lubbock and learned all the tricks for producing vegetables from our sandy loam soil. Along with her love of the garden, Des is a gifted cook and a collector of chickens, horses and dogs of all shapes and sizes. She completed Master Gardening training and served for two years as president of the Lubbock Master Gardener Association. Des speaks around the community about how to successfully grow tomatoes in a waterwise fashion.

Join LHUCA at the grassroots level as we reach out to our community of gardeners and those who want to become gardeners. Learn the joy of creating with plants that thrive in our West Texas climate, while developing camaraderie that will germinate and inspire creativity throughout our lives.

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