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On Friday April 8, there will be a screening of the classic cult film “Nosferatu” in collaboration with TTU School of Music and Vernacular Music Center and featuring the traditional music of the TTU Balkan Ensemble and the “symphonic folk” of the Elegant Savages Orchestra. The event will be held in LHUCA’s Firehouse Theatre. Tickets are $5 and available at the door. Doors opens at 7:00 pm; Pre-show at 7:15pm.
Nosferatu is the very first vampire film and one of the earliest horror films. Produced in 1921 by the artist and dedicated occultist Albin Grauit is the only release of his short-lived production company Prana Film. This landmark film was directed by F.W. Murnau, one of the great film directors of the 20th century who created for Nosferatu many special effects that became staples of the horror genre.
The new live score was composed by Christopher Smith and Roger Landes for opening night of the 2015 Flatlands Film Festival at the invitation of festival director Rob Peaslee. Smith and Landes wrote the score for a blended small chamber orchestra comprised of the two TTU School of Music Vernacular Music Center ensembles that they direct the Elegant Savages Orchestra and the TTU Balkan Ensemble. The score consists of a series of composed motifs that were conceived to be performed live with largely improvised conducting by Smith and with numerous opportunities built in for improvisation by individual ensemble musicians. As such it is a different score each time it is performed.