The Helen DeVitt Jones Clay Studio


The Helen DeVitt Jones Clay Studio at LHUCA is a working studio open to the public for everyone with an interest in clay and the ceramic arts. The Helen DeVitt Jones Clay Studio is the finest, most well-equipped studio of its kind on the High Plains of Texas. Our goal is to offer the very best of the ceramic experience to all sectors of the public. We offer a wide variety of classes, workshops, and programs in an effort to inspire our community by being the catalyst for the ceramic arts in West Texas.

Our studio is available to the public through a variety of classes, workshops, and programs. Since we opened our doors in 2006, we have continued to expand our facilities and programs to inspire and enrich everyone in our community interested in the ceramic arts. Our studio has 14 wheels, 6 kilns, 2 clay mixers, pug mill, slab roller, and clay extruder. We blend and sell 5 different clay bodies supplying potters, sculptors, and schools throughout the region. Along with our other services, we can also custom fire you work. Be sure and check out Open Studio for the established potter, "Taste of Clay" for the curious, and our classes for those wishing to expand their knowledge of clay.


Clay Body 25 lbs 50 lbs 100 lbs
Stoneware Cone 6-10 $20.00 $36.00 $63.00
Sculpture* Cone 6-10 $20.00 $36.00 $63.00
B-mix Cone 6-10 $20.00 $36.00 $63.00
Whiteware Cone 06-04 $20.00 $36.00 $63.00

Prices include blocked and bagged. Add $0.10/lb for pugged and bagged.