44 Artists from Texas is a three-part exhibition celebrating the incredible diversity of artists living and working in Texas. 

These exhibitions provide a connection between LHUCA and the Texas art scene. By the end of 2018, galleries and artists from all over Texas will be familiar with LHUCA and the arts in Lubbock. We have a tremendous art scene and we are excited to share it with Texas!

Part 2
June 1 - July 28, 2018


Celan Bouillet                                        James Johnson                                                

Lindy Chambers                                   Howard Sherman

Adrian Esparza                                     James Smolleck

Amy C. Evans                                        Gary Sweeney

Lalena Fisher                                         Ellen Tanner

Sarah Fisher                                           Brad Tucker 

Jerry Jeanmard                                       James Isaac Zamora


Linda Cullum: curator

Maisie Alford: assistant curator

Logo designed by Dirk Fowler

Brought to you through a generous grant from the CHFoundation