Lindy Chambers
Rural Texas informs my work. Here, well maintained acreage yields to an abundance of trash, mobile homes and abandoned vehicles. Stray dogs wander the yards where goats are raised for food. Existence is transient here. Cultural influences intrigue me as do the forms and colors; brightly colored mobile homes, of acid gold and deep maroon, cerulean blue with quinacridone rose. Resilience and optimism conquer meager incomes.
My work bridges realism and the abstract, the perfect foil for my subject matter.  I represent trash monochromatically unimportant to the inhabitants of my work but still an integral part of the composition. I work in oil on board or canvas.  I strive never to use the same color twice.  My work is not dictated by a color theory or particular style. Use what calls to me.

Lee Lee Brazeal
Elizabeth Brazeal who goes by Lee Lee, is an American artist.

Born an identical twin in Jackson, Tennessee in 1949.  She relates that, "the only thing there is, is a barbecue stand.” She was educated in Advertising Art and Graphic Design at Guilford Technical Institute in Greensboro, North Carolina. At 26 she went to New York City and studied at the School of Visual Arts. Although she always wanted to be a painter, her career began as an Art Director at an Advertising Agency. She remembers all of the work in those early years as a great experience, experience that earned her many awards as well as a love and appreciation of all the arts

Her time in New York taught her an awareness of life and circumstance, how they influence people and create trends that can change the world. After 10 years in advertising she put together a portfolio and acquired agents in New York, Chicago, Dallas, and Houston to pursue Illustration fulltime. She relocated to Houston, Texas and had a successful career in illustration with many Fortune 500 clients.

When she did have free time she would ride her horse and paint for herself, always thinking some day she would be a painter.

Her artwork is based on things she has experienced or has been made aware of through television, reading or friends. She likes to make art based on what is current in her life, the humorous and the strange. Her time, now liberated from the everyday pressures of her former business has allowed her to be the painter she has always wanted to be. She has a very distinct artistic voice, and she will tell you ”once it started talking you can’t shut it up.”