Celebrating 20 Years of Art

In honor of its twentieth anniversary, LHUCA has invited over one hundred artists who have contributed to the history of its campus to contribute a piece of art for this exhibition. The diversity of this collection speaks to the achievement of this space as a catalyst for providing unique visions of art to the Lubbock community.

Key to the success of this organization were the efforts of Louise Hopkins Underwood and Neal Hanslik, who headed a group that researched locations and art centers in the local surroundings.

The origin of the main building begins with its transformation from the City of Lubbock Fire Administration building and Firehouse #1 into a non-profit, multi-disciplinary art center in 2000. 

The four main galleries of the center host over 5,000 sq. ft. of exhibition space, and functioned as a beginning to an expanding campus that continues to evolve as more buildings are added to the location.

In 2006 the Firehouse Theater was created, providing a fully functioning multi-media theatre equipped with a 5.1 surround sound and High Definition projection system, in addition to a classical theatre complex.

In 2007 the Helen DeVitt Jones Clay Studios opened, providing an essential public space for the education of and studio space for the ceramic arts. The expansion continued in 2010, when the City of Lubbock donated the Graffiti Educational Building.  Recently LHUCA has also expanded in the creation of a warehouse space to promote alternative presentation ideas in art installation.

A major addition to LHUCA came in the renovation of the Borden’s dairy warehouse into the Christine DeVitt Icehouse. This space provides LHUCA with a large open hall that is ideal for events, including performance art as well as banquets and dances. In 2012 LHUCA added a kitchen and artist residence to the space.

-Christian Conrad


Participating Artists:

Cecila Adams
Maisie Marie Alford
Toni Arnett
Victoria Marie Bee
Jim Bertram
Betty Blevins
David Bondt
Nancye Hudgins Briggs
Patricia Brown
Harold Browning
Harrison Bucy
Virginia Burrell
Marilee Echols Bybee
Shannon Cannings
William Cannings
Andrew Carrizales
Jean Caslin
John Chinn
Joe Clifford
Christian Conrad
Linda Cullum
Kathy Davies
Hannah Dean
Ken Dixon
Kara Donatelli
Stacy Elko
Benna Ellis
La Gina Fairbetter
Dennis Fehr
Linda Fisher
Carol Flueckiger
John Franklin
Tina Fuentes
Robin Dru Germany
Hugh Gibbons
B.C. Gilbert
JoBeth Gilliam
George Gray
Jean C. R. Grimes
Jennifer Hernandez
Tom Hicks
Valerie Komkov Hill
Margaret K. Hodgson
Carol Howell
Betty Jenkins
James W. Johnson
Jon Johnson
Kathy Kelly
Nathalie Kelly
Carol Koenig
Ellie Kreneck
Lynwood Kreneck
David Lamb-Vines
Laura Lewis
Ken Little
Mike Maines
Pat Maines
Yulia Makarova
Andrew Martin
Ann McDonald
Mica McGuire
Mike Meister
Yvonne Garro Mendoza
Kathy Moody
June Musick
Susan Nall
Dyan Newton
Angelyn Nicholson
Irby Pace
Beth Pennington
Chad Plunket
Erika Pochybova
Catherine Prose
Judy Connell Robertson
Donna Rose
Joyce Runyan
Annalee Schubert
Donniece Smith
Edward Spence
Hanne Spence
Ellen Stanley
Lyn Stoll
Bo Tan
Steve Teeters
Kathryn Thomas
Jerry R. Thompson
Ashton Thornhill
Tornado Gallery: Larry Simmons and Tony Greer
Janis Hubble Vanderpool
Rick Vanderpool
James Watkins
Gale Webb
Jami White
Jonathan Whitfill
Jeff F. Wheeler
Kathy Whiteside
Leada Woods
Veronica Young