Matthew Bourbon
Artist Statement
Writing statements about my art always feels limited and partial.  Words fail.  All I can say is that while I am deeply interested in the historical traditions of painting, I'm also determined to find a way to visually describe the world that is idiosyncratic. I use the act of making paintings as a way to see freshly, without all my ingrained habits set firmly in place.
Despite a lack of confidence in discreet and clear stories, I purposefully use the framework of narrative painting as a place to think about the pinball effect of interacting images and the inevitability of storytelling.  In my mind, painting is about sensitivity to all the pregnant possibilities inherent in each decision one makes as an artist.  I think there is a softness to making art--a tenderness that commingles with a ruthless desire to illuminate a vision.  Essentially, my paintings are a means for me to engage with the world--though I admit it is a rather obtuse social act.

Phoebe Duckworth
Artist Statement
Having been born in the 1950’s i have a love for all things mid century modern.
Another one of my passions is archeology and the evolution of humans and the art they created.
I use bright colors and use arrangements of the canvases to create compositions that are a cross between Neolithic and Mid Century modern art.